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SmartMed Services Group Inc. Canada

Involves many years of experience with

Smarthealth Medical Services Hong Kong,

Advanced Medical Italy, Bilimetric Italy and

Eye Plus Plus UK Japan and Miracle Baby

Bangkok and Qbio Medical UK..


SmartMed Limited (HK), SmartHealth Medical Services Co Ltd (HK) & Smartmed Services Group Inc.

(Canada) were founded in 2010 & 2016, having found that Medical & Health Care Professionals needed

a well-informed, skilled and experienced partner for their marketing needs.

• Taking detailed knowledge of the medical & healthcare industry, branding and marketing strategies and

SmartMed offers professional expertise, a wide range of marketing services and fresh perspectives.

The Company is flexible in term of project scope, marketing budget, services fee and working

timeframe to Medical or Healthcare Companies of all sizes.

• From Strategic marketing planning, project management to daily marketing support and we have a

very good reputation in between our clients for achieving successful results through adopting an

efficient, cost-effective approach, planning and executive to evaluation with the aim of bringing the

business performance of our clients of our clients to a new successful level.

• The company has a very good reputation among international and Hong Kong clients for achieving

successful results.

• Besides, SmartMed also provides services in medical tourism, medical assistance and Medical solution




Phytochemicals & Oligoelements

Q Bio System Limited

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Mobile Clinic & Mobile Hospital

Medical System Oxycare Mobile

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SmartMed Vaccine and Covid 19

Management Program

Our Vaccination program is our pride, it is the only comprehensive program aimed at providing a professional and complete solution to Governments on

Strategy implementation. We don’t just provide vaccines but also provide unrestrained support to ensure a successful execution of the scheme. A comprehensive process management is incorporated in

our pricing which includes:

I. The Vaccine of choice

II. Covid-19 Ag rapid testing device using either nasal aspiration or nasal swab.

III. Logistic support on vaccine storage and delivery, alongside testing kits to designated hospitals and vaccination centres.

IV. Provision of qualified nurse staffers from overseas for a 2 to 3 months duration to assist with implementation of government’s program. V. Management assistance through our team of dedicated doctors and staff who will coordinate the medical program alongside the Government.


Reserch & Innovation

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Developing low cost point of care diagnostics for

evaluating newborn infants with jaundice

Senior Retirement Home

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Private Hospital Business Consultancy Services Business Development & Physician Relations Plan 2021

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Private Clinic & Hospital City Operation Theatre Management Projects

1. Brian Surgeon Neurologist Clinic

2. Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic

3. Child & Development Psychiatrist Centre

4. Private Hospital Community Clinic

5. Private Hospital City Operation Theatre

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BC Smarthypnos Clinic (Natural Healing Wellness Centre)

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Private Hospital Business Consultancy Services Business Development & Physician Relations Plan 2021

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